One of the most significant turning points in the game was when Shaheen Afridi was injured during the final match of the T20 World Cup 2022.

On Sunday, Pakistan was defeated by England in the final of the t20 World Cup by a score of 5 wickets. Due to an injury, Pakistan bowler Shaheen Afridi was forced to leave the field in the middle of his bowling during the decisive match that took place at the Melbourne Cricket Ground.

England needed to score 41 runs off the final 29 balls in order to win the match, and they were chasing 138 runs at the time. The event was one of the major turning points in the game since Pakistan had England under control up until that time, but they were forced to put in Iftikhar Ahmed to finish their over because their best bowler wasn’t available. This was one of the significant changing factors in the game.

Iftikhar gave up 13 runs in 5 balls without taking a wicket, and as a result, England was relieved of some of the pressure they were under. England went on to win the game with 6 balls to spare.

In an interview with Zee News, Akhtar stated that “when your primary bowler becomes unfit, then it creates trouble for you.”

“Shaheen (Afridi) was never totally healthy”

“However, we cannot place all of the blame on him as he bowled brilliantly in the most recent two to three matches,” said the coach.


“But the World Cup final is taking place right now. Even in the event that the leg breaks. Whatever happens, happens. Run as fast as you can and get something done. However, our good luck did not extend to this.”

Akhtar responded that the pacer might have utilized pain medication when asked if Pakistan should have rested Shaheen for the top match against England considering his injury.

“The discomfort is not experienced when you numb your feet. You are, without a doubt, putting the young man’s professional prospects at jeopardy. It is the final of the World Cup, and regardless of whether or not you are willing to take risks, you need to think like a captain. He acknowledged that it was a challenging choice.

The victory that England achieved over Pakistan on Sunday allowed them to become the first side to hold both the ODI World Cup and the T20 World Cup at the same time.

Afridi praised the team that was captained by Jos Buttler and added that England is the dominant force in the game of white-ball cricket.

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