Longtime NBA analyst Marc Stein noted that the Dallas Mavericks are not interested in trading for Ben Simmons in his most recent Substack column. The Mavericks and Ben Simmons were mentioned in the same phrase in what appeared to be a story from Heavy.com‘s Sean Deveney last week, but it was actually a suggestion from another unnamed executive.

Today, Stein reported that “league sources said Dallas is not a trade bidder expressing interest in Ben Simmons of Brooklyn, who is currently struggling. Simmons has been confined to the bench by Vaughn when he plays, so this may be one of those instances where the Mavericks have been brought up frequently to attempt to generate some sort of market.

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This was a bad idea last week, and it’s a bad idea right now. The Mavericks were 5-3 at the time the first article by Heavy was released, and because the Mavericks weren’t playing many games, it quickly became a topic of discussion on the Dallas internet. When I traced the information back to its source, I discovered that the Heavy.com piece was authored by Spencer Richardson. It quotes what Sean Deveney is alleged to have written or stated, but I can only find it in Richardson’s article.

Additionally, it is coming from a “Western Conference executive,” who is not a Mavericks employee and is speaking anonymously. Dallas is a team to monitor; Simmons would be an interesting match next to Luka (Doncic) if the Nets were prepared to take back (Tim) Hardaway and (Davis) Bertans, according to the quote, which, once more, I am unable to locate a credible source for.

This isn’t a rumor at all. This is comparable to taking a tweet from ScreenName293831 suggesting that the Dallas Mavericks sign Michael Jordan and making it into a news item. Was it a good idea Dallas might want to think about? Without a doubt.


Ben Simmons is not in a good position, either physically or mentally, as anyone who has watched him play basketball this year can attest. Anyone who thinks Ben Simmons would complement Luka Doncic well has never really watched Ben Simmons play basketball. Since this is not NBA 2K, what Ben Simmons wants to accomplish and is skilled at differs significantly from what clubs need him to do. Not to mention, the contract with Ben Simmon is ridiculous. He is in the third year of a $177 million contract, and his remaining obligations are $35 million this season, little under $38 million next year, and $40 million in 2024–25. Hardly, nope.

In addition, I believe that due to knee and back problems, his physical condition is not great. The Ben Simmons I was familiar with would not permit this to occur.

Simmons got drop on the floor by Luka Doncic

Once the season has begun, I won’t deny that I might indulge in some gossip. I’m not beyond it. In spite of the fact that the Mavericks do not possess many assets this season, I have a sneaking suspicion that we all look for as many rumor-filled stories as we can find because we want the club to get better and fight for a championship. However, it is a relief to finally put an end to this extremely dumb concept.

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