As the Volleyball Nations League makes its triumphant return, venues all over the world will welcome the best players in the world.

Following the announcement of the host cities for the eagerly anticipated competition scheduled for the following year, the Volleyball Nations League will return for the year 2023 with the intention of dazzling crowds all over the world.

16 of the best volleyball teams from each gender in the world will compete against each other over the course of six action-packed weeks at 11 of the most inspiring venues in an effort to make it to the promised land of the VNL Finals and win the prize of claiming volleyball’s greatest annual trophy.

Fans of volleyball in every part of the world will have the opportunity to participate in the game

which will take place at venues in Asia, Europe, North America, and South America. The game will feature star athletes representing their countries. From Canada to Korea, as well as Anaheim, California, and Ankara, Turkey, the Volleyball National League (VNL) is going to bring the best live volleyball to some of the most passionate and largest communities in the sport of volleyball.

In the women’s competition, the preliminary rounds will be held in the following locations: Ankara, Turkey; Nagoya, Japan; Hong Kong, China; Brasilia, Brazil; Suwon, Korea; and Bangkok, Thailand. In the meantime, the men’s preliminary competitions will be held in Ottawa, Canada; Nagoya, Japan; Rotterdam, Netherlands; Orleans, France; Anaheim, California, United States of America; and Pasay City, Philippines.

“You only need to take one look at the list of host cities to realize just how excited we are for VNL 2023,” said Volleyball World CEO Finn Taylor.

“Once again, we are overjoyed to have the support of each city, and it goes without saying that we are excited to see a wonderful competition on the court and to take in the brilliant atmospheres that can be found inside these venues.

“The previous two iterations of the VNL were tremendous successes, and at this point, we are getting ready to anticipate even bigger and brighter things from 2023 in some of the best arenas in the world that are suitable for top-class volleyball.”


According to the President of the FIVB, Dr. Ary S. Graca F°, “We are very excited to see such an exceptional line up of host cities for the 2019 Volleyball Nations League.” The success of the flagship event of volleyball is demonstrated by the fact that cities compete with one another to host the highest level of the sport. This demonstrates both the global reach of our sport and the success of the innovative event.

“We are proud to be able to bring our sport to fans all over the world, so that they can watch their favorite stars and role models compete in arenas that are on par with the best in the world.”

The operation of VNL in 2023

Women’s preliminary round action begins on May 30 and continues through June 4 in Ankara, Turkey, and Nagoya, Japan, while men’s preliminary round action begins on June 6 and continues through June 11 in Ottawa, Canada, and Nagoya.

The men follow two days later in Rotterdam, Netherlands, and Orleans, France, with Week 2 for the women beginning 13–18 June in Hong Kong, China, and Brasilia, Brazil.

The crucial final week for the women begins on June 27 and lasts until July 2 in Suwon, Korea, and Bangkok, Thailand, while the preliminary round stage for the men is finished between July 4 and July 9 in Anaheim, California, USA, and Pasay City, Philippines.

The men’s competition is scheduled for July 19–23, while the women’s competition is scheduled for July 12–16. In December, the host cities for the VNL Finals will be revealed.

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