Joel Embiid, the player who has been at the focus of many of these complaints (ha, get it), turned in a herculean performance, which was a significant part of the reason why they were able to pull off the victory. The Philadelphia 76ers have a record of 7-7 after an outstanding victory over the Utah Jazz, which brought their record to an even keel. Things may finally be turning around for Philly.

The Philadelphia 76ers, a squad that was previously thought to be destined for a long postseason run, have gotten off to a rocky start so far in their 2022-23 campaign. The squad was under.500 after 13 games due to a mix of issues, including offensive execution issues and player injuries.

Like the entire 76ers team, Embiid entered the season with high hopes

Many believed that Embiid would win the MVP award this year after finishing second in the competition the year before.

Unfortunately, his MVP campaign hasn’t taken off the way many would have anticipated for a number of reasons. But Embiid might have been signaling with his performance on Sunday that his campaign is officially underway. And boy, did he make a name for himself.

Embiid amassed a stat line of 59 points, eleven rebounds, eight assists, seven blocks, and one steal in just under 37 minutes of play. A true shooting percentage of 76.5% helped him achieve those results by shooting 67.9% from the field on 28 attempts and 83.3% from the free throw line on 24 attempts.

He was the first 76er to score more than 20 points and one of just two to reach double figures.


Not only was Embiid’s masterwork versus Utah the best effort of the early season, but it may also rank among the all-time great regular season performances.

We can gauge how well players do within a single game by utilizing John Hollinger’s Game Score measure. The performance by Embiid on Sunday ranks as the seventh-highest regular season Game Score output in NBA history by that metric.

Even more intriguing, take note of the names that come before him. Only one of the five players ahead of Embiid (Karl Malone) is classified as a Power Forward or Center.

Looking even further down the all-time list in this category, Embiid has two of the top 10 regular-season performances by a “big man” in league history.

Will Embiid be able to use this historic performance to kickstart his campaign for Most Valuable Player? The verdict is still out on that. But if there is one thing that is certain, it is that we were witnesses to one of the most impressive individual performances in the history of the league last night.

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